EI&C engineering project

Replacing the secondary equipment protection systems of the Schluecht medium-voltage distribution system for the WWZ electric utility

As one of the leading specialists in industrial automation of process plants, Penta-Electric has comprehensive experience in a wide range of industries – in Switzerland as well as abroad. This includes work in the energy sector in particular. We’ll gladly accept any challenge head-on with our extensive expertise and experience, and prove to you that perfection is achievable.

Project description

Modernization of the secondary equipment of the Schluecht medium-voltage power distribution system (erected in 1993). The settings of the analogue technology in the outdated system tend to drift, requiring regular readjustment. Moreover, system susceptibility to outages no longer meets WWZ’s high standards for security of power supply. The project comprised replacing the protective relays and station automation, outfitting the transformer protection system with secondary relays, and improving the occupational health and safety of personnel by backfitting voltage testing systems.

The requirements specified by WWZ

Detailed system replanning was to be based on the existing Sprecher & Schuh diagrams. All of these legacy schematics were only available as paper documentation. With an eye to future projects, the new planning was to be generated on a computer-aided engineering (CAE) system.

  • Detailed planning
  • Supply of the switchgear cabinets
  • On-site installation

The custom-tailored solution from Penta-Electric

Generating the EI&C schematic diagrams for the entire system using the EPLAN P8 electrical engineering design tool. Switchgear cabinet fabrication and installation by Penta-Electric.

The benefits for WWZ

Penta-Electric’s solid reputation and high flexibility combined with the customer’s engineering to jointly ensure successful project implementation.

This laid the foundation for executing multiple follow-up projects at reduced cost and effort for both parties.

The challenge for Penta-Electric

Planning protection systems in the form of a Siemens control system (for replacement of the secondary equipment protection systems) is not a task we tackle every day. Furthermore, the type of graphical representation in the diagrams was very specific.

The project in figures

line panels with protective relays

Contact person

Franz Mutter Abteilungsleiter EMSR-Engineering

Franz Mutter
Head of EI&C engineering